Note If you plan to self-manage this service on your own infrastructure network. This source code is available at here.


A log or record of all notable changes made to ImgProxify.

Date: 11 Mar 2021

  • Add new server status API
  • Fixed status page
  • Fixed unit test for helper.js
  • Update postman file
  • Update library patch

Date: 10 Jan 2021

  • Separate decorator hooks into plugins
  • Add new sitemap page with xml format
  • Update library patch

Date: 01 Dec 2020

  • Refactor code to improve efficiency memory
  • Update Html Cache in routes as middleware
  • Change HTML Minifier Kangax to Terser
  • Fixed some function doesn't work in IE 11
  • Fixed invalid date in status.js assets
  • Update library patch
  • Update assets library

Date: 05 Nov 2020

  • Fixed cors by using plugins
  • Update library patch

Date: 20 Oct 2020
New Features:

  • Add new API for generate multiple url
  • Add new API for purge cache
  • Add About page
  • Add Status page
  • Add Documentation page
  • Add Purge Cache Tools page
  • Add Anti Spam Google reCaptcha v3
  • Now support having multiple templates
  • Now support to change default port by set .env.PORT
  • Now support to host with Heroku and all cloud host which is based on Docker (Kubernetes, Openshift, etc)


  • Add cloudflare dependency
  • Add new config for baseAssetsUrl, templateDir, recaptcha and cloudflare API v4
  • Update config maxAgeStaticCache and maxAgeAssetsCache to be set in seconds
  • Update template structure
  • Update library patch

Date: 30 Sep 2020

  • Easy Instalation and Configuration
  • No Database Server Required
  • Image CDN by Cloudflare
  • Built-in Image Proxy
  • Bypass Hotlinking Protection
  • Firewall for private use
  • Normal or Hashed URL
  • Included Google Analytics
  • Easy verify Webmaster Tools
  • Public REST API
  • Fast, Low Overhead and Asynchronous Designed
  • Strong in High Traffic with Worker / CPU Cluster


  • Using Fastify v3 - The Fastest NodeJS Framework
  • Using Bulma CSS framework v0.9.0
  • Using EJS Template Engine
  • Reactive UI with ReefJS
  • HTML Minified
  • Contact page + Mailer
  • HTML Sitemap page
  • Assets directory will be auto static
  • Included with 4 static pages
  • Pure NodeJS (no NGINX required)
  • 100% Coverage Unit Test